Thursday, February 6, 2020

Connection Flags: A Release-Defining Feature in Foxhound Version 5

Connection Flags are one of the features that make Foxhound 5 stand apart from previous versions. Connection Flags extend the usefulness of database-level Alerts and Peaks down into the nether regions of individual connections by letting you jump directly to connection samples that exhibit suspicious behavior.

Previously, you could sort connection samples in descending order by CPU time to bring high-CPU connections to the top of the list, and then sort on Transaction Time to see long-running connections at the top, but not both at the same time.

With Connection Flags you can sort on  Conn Flags Count  to see connections with Flag #5 - CPU usage, Flag #3 - Long transaction, and 28 other flags all sorted to the top if the list.

For more information about Connection Flags see section 17. Flag Settings in the Foxhound 5 docs.

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