Saturday, May 28, 2016

Buy SQL Anywhere 17 on Amazon

It's hard to believe, but true: search on "SQL Anywhere Edge" (without the quotes) and you see this:

  • Don't try this outside the US or UK... it won't work in the South Sudan, Yemen, Canada... ha, ha, the Canadian developers of SQL Anywhere aren't allowed to buy a copy :)

  • The original May 25 announcement is here.

  • The screenshot says "Jul 15, 2015" but if drill down to the product descriptions they say "Date first available at May 11, 2016".

  • FWIW the screenshot shows the Vivaldi browser in action... every time I think "That doesn't work in Vivaldi!" it turns out "My mistake, lemme try again!" :)

  • I don't know if the SQL Anywhere Edge prices include an SAP S-user id which is necessary to gain access to EBFs and such-like. I'm guessing "No" because the product description doesn't say "Yes".

  • I don't know if the prices require an extra fee for "support", together with increasingly-shrill dunning emails if you don't pay the second-year renewal. I'm guessing "No" because it's a moot point without an S-user id.

...but hey! It's SQL Anywhere on Amazon, and that's way cool!