Monday, November 30, 2020

The Future Of SQL Anywhere

Here's a question that was asked today:

Question: In our company we are starting a new software project and I am in a dilemma about the database. Today we are using SQL Anywhere v17. But as I see it there is not much work going on on it. Is there any development on it? Could we expect a new version in near future?

Answer: I believe SQL Anywhere 17 has a long and successful future as an extremely powerful and stable relational database system. There probably won't be too many (any more?) "RFQ Checkpoint" features any time soon; e.g., no new kitchen-sink-in-the-database features like Java-objects-in-the-database", full-text search, spatial data.

Don't get me wrong, there's a bunch of kitchen-sink features I love; e.g., HTTP, proxy tables, HA, MobiLink, even SQL Remote. My point is, if you have a favorite non-relational, non-SQL feature you'd like stuffed into SQL Anywhere, don't hold your breath. For example, built-in JavaScript charts... but guess what? you can embed Highcharts in SQL Anywhere yourself, and use XMLHttpRequest() to dynamically request database data from the browser.

And if you're looking for further development of the in-memory database feature, or the addition of a columnar data store, well, that'll won't come until we get UltraLite HANA :)

Seriously, the "kitchen-sink" phase is over, SQL Anywhere has entered the "powerful and stable" stage in its life.

Consider this particular Use Case: SQL Anywhere is embedded in the Oracle MICROS RES 3700 Restaurant POS System which is used in hundreds of thousands of bars, restaurants, hotels and other hospitality establishments worldwide.

BTW, Highcharts rocks, so does FreeFind.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Foxhound 5 Update 1 Is Now Available

Foxhound is a front-line database monitor dedicated to SAP® SQL Anywhere® . . .

  • Foxhound runs all the time, in production.
  • It keeps watch over your databases and sends alerts when there are problems.
  • It keeps a record of database and connection-level performance data in its own SQL Anywhere database.
  • It lets you scroll and query all the data when you need to fix a problem.

 Foxhound Version 5 Update 1 is Now Available 

Most of the changes in Update 1 are bug fixes with a few minor improvements . . .

. . . but "minor" is in the eye of the beholder; here's a selection:

 What's New in Foxhound 5  What's New in Update 1