Thursday, July 30, 2015

I broke the forum!

I broke the SQL Anywhere forum!

I broke it by posting a too-big image in a comment on this question. I immediately tried to delete it, but the forum had stopped responding altogether (it's working now, and the comment is gone).

I'm sorry... but I'm not sorry... maybe it will help with the diagnosis of persistent performance problems on the forum.

Oh, yeah, the image... it was this classic Dilbert:

Update: Wasn't my fault after all, but it was fun for a while, thinking I was Mr. Robot!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Did You Know? Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

Did you know that Windows 7 has a Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool?

It really isn't the nineties any more, when you had to buy special software and wait for hours to check your RAM for problems.

Tip: Look in Event Viewer - Windows Logs - System for an Information - MemoryDiagnostics-Results event to confirm that "The Windows Memory Diagnostic tested the computer's memory and detected no errors".

Did You Know? posts are brief.

Did You Know? posts assume you know how to type "How do I [do some thing]?" into Google.

And how to use the Google site: operator.

For example...
how do i check memory
and then...
where does windows memory diagnostic store results
Did You Know? posts will not contain links to anything.
Did You Know? posts are Virtual Watercooler Conversations for people who don't get out much.
Did You Know? posts are for me, not you, but you can read them if you want :)

OK, I lied, there is a link.. to Dilbert... Did you know that now has transcripts? 2013-12-06

Friday, July 17, 2015

Latest SQL Anywhere Updates: 17 for Windows, Linux

SQL Anywhere 17 is now available for Windows (build 1062) and Linux.

SAP SQL Anywhere 17 Developer Edition Registration 

Announcing SQL Anywhere 17! by Chris Kleisath  

SQL Anywhere 17 Documentation - At your fingertips! by Laura Nevin

Current builds for the active platforms

A - Z Index Support Packages and Patches  Note: There is a separate page for A - Z Index Installations and Upgrades.

Click on S                                An SAP "S0099999999" user id and password will be requested.
                                          You have to buy SQL Anywhere to get one (see below).

Click on SYBASE SQL ANYWHERE              The browser right-mouse button has been disabled. 

                                          The browser Back button button has been messed up. Use the links to back up.

Click on SYBASE SQL ANYWHERE 12.0         Linux on x86_64 64bit    14.02.2015
                                          Windows on x64 64bit    18.06.2015

Click on SYBASE SQL ANYWHERE 16.0         Linux on x86_64 64bit    30.06.2015
                                          Windows on x64 64bit    27.05.2015

                                          Your SAP "S0099999999" user id and password may be requested multiple times.

Other Stuff

Recommended ODBC Drivers for MobiLink     Only drivers for MobiLink 16 are shown.

SAP Store - SAP SQL Anywhere              Scroll down to "Configure - Select License" to see the Workgroup Edition. 2010-05-14

[links checked July 17, 2015]