Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Read-Only Browser Mode In Foxhound 5

Until now, Foxhound has lacked any form of browser login or authentication...

Anyone who can open Foxhound in a browser can see (and do) everything offered by Foxhound.
The SQL Anywhere Monitor requires a user name and password to login but unless you work hard at changing passwords and creating users, it behaves much the same as Foxhound prior to Version 5...
Anyone can use admin / admin to see (and do) everything offered by the SQL Anywhere Monitor.
Foxhound Version 5 now offers a new and different form of browser login. It's called "Administrator Authentication" and it has these characteristics:
  1. It's optional, you can turn it on and off, and the default is "no login required, for anything".

  2. It implements two modes of operation...

    • Read-Only mode allows everyone to see everything but not change anything, and

    • Administrator mode requires a username and password to update Foxhound options and settings.

  3. An unlimited number of browser sessions may use Read-only mode, with no user name or password required.

  4. Only one browser session at a time can use Administrator mode.

  5. A browser session will remain logged in to Administrator mode until

    • the session or cookie times out (default 12 hours),

    • the logged-in user clicks Logout, or

    • some other session logs in to Administrator mode, which silently logs out the session already logged in.

For more information see Administrator Authorization in Foxhound 5.

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