Friday, February 28, 2020

Dealing With Out-Of-Date Peaks

The Foxhound "Peaks since" line lets you jump directly to the most extreme value of each performance statistic on the History page; e.g., 28 Unsch Req, 79 blocked connections, 100% CPU and so on:

Over time, however, the Peaks line can become out-of-date when the Foxhound purge deletes old samples.

For example, after the Purge deleted the sample with 28 Unsch Req, the Peaks line still showed that value but you could no longer click on it:
Foxhound 5 now lets you refresh the Peaks line by calling the new rroad_recalculate_peaks() stored procedure.

The rroad_recalculate_peaks() procedure updates all the out-of-date peaks with clickable values; e.g.,13 Unsch Req:
Tip: You must use the new shortcut Foxhound5 - 11 Admin Update via ISQL to call rroad_recalculate_peaks(). The default password is SQL, but you can change that; see this topic in the Help.

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