Friday, February 21, 2020

Scrolling to Active Alerts in Foxhound 5

Alerts have always been a big deal in Foxhound... they're the main reason Foxhound sends emails, and they're the main reason people buy Foxhound.

Alerts draw your immediate attention, but they're also important after-the-fact: "When did it happen, and why?"

Prior to Foxhound Version 5 the only way to find Alerts was to click on the Message links on the History page.

Sadly, that means click click clicking through all the mismatches:
Foxhound 5 fixes that by keeping track of Active Alerts, the zero or more Alerts that were in effect (not yet cleared or cancelled) at any particular point in time.

For each row on the History page, the Active Alerts drop-down list box shows you what was in effect:
Now you can click on a link to go to "When did it happen?"

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