Monday, February 17, 2020

Mini-Backups in Foxhound 5

Quick! When was the last time you backed up your Foxhound database?

If you answered "never" that's OK, you shouldn't have to... a tool like Foxhound should look after its own backups.

And now Foxhound Version 5 does just that:

Every time you change any options and settings, Foxhound creates a "mini-backup" containing just those options and settings.
Mini-backup files don't take up much space because they don't contain any sample data:

To restore from a Mini-Backup file, click on the Foxhound Windows shortcut 9 Mini-Restore:

The Mini-Restore starts by opening the Activation page on an empty copy of the Foxhound database:

Use Option 2 to pick a mini-backup file and then click on Run Mini-Restore.

The next thing you'll see is sampling up and running again:

All the old monitor samples are gone, but all your intellectual property (the options and settings) has been restored.

For more information see Mini-Backup and Mini-Restore.

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