Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Product Suggestion: Improve ISQL - Tools - Index Consultant

Let's say you have some slow SQL that can't be run as a separate, single SQL statement but can only live inside a BEGIN block... let's say it's part of a stored procedure or web service or some such.

Furthermore, let's say you really really really really really need some help... you've followed the 64 Easy Steps described here and you've looked at graphical plans until your head hurts, and you still don't know what to do.

And then, let's say, you have an epiphany: "The Index Consultant will tell me what to do!"

So you grab your code and paste it into ISQL and fiddle with it until it runs... slowly, of course, because that's your problem... and then you press Tools - Index Consultant.

You've done that before, and it's worked, and the Index Consultant is WONDERFUL!

But not this time...

Instead of two clicks (Tools - Index Consultant), it wants you to use the Application Profiling feature in Sybase Central. I'm not sure how many clicks that would be (fifty? 64? five hundred?) because I haven't been able to get it to work. It either comes up empty or Sybase Central crashes.

Which brings me to this suggestion: ISQL - Tools - Index Consultant SHOULD WORK on batches as well as single statements.

Yes, I know, lots of folks can get Application Profiling to work for them. But (I'm guessing here) there's a larger group of people who have just given up. I'm part of that group, in fact I'm a serial surrenderer... every six months or a year I make a serious attempt to use Application Profiling, using Version 10, Version 11, Version 12, and every time it's the same.

I used to shout at the monitor, "Has nobody ever heard of usability testing?"

Now I just relax, sippa cuppa, get on with other things.

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