Friday, November 12, 2010

How do I create a larger DOS box?

Folks laugh at me because I code in Wordpad and test in dbisql. I just lower my head and mutter under my breath, "Go ahead, laugh, I've yet to find myself on a client workstation that doesn't have all the tools I need to solve their problems."

That, and a browser... and Foxhound [obligatory promotional plug]... but I need to get...

Back on topic...

I regularly run a 30K batch file to build Foxhound from beginning to end, from dbinit through dbisql to Carbonite and InstallShield... lots and lots of commands scrolling off the screen never to be seen again.

Once in a while I notice an error message scrolling by, and I am never fast enough pressing Function + Pause to catch it before it's lost off the top.

Finally... after how many years putting up with this?... I asked Shalmaneser, I mean Google this question:
How do I create a larger DOS box?
The first hit suggested using the Properties - Layout dialog box for the DOS box, so that's what I did:
  • First, I used right-mouse - drag and drop - "Create Shortcuts Here" to make a Windows shortcut for the *.bat file, and then

  • I clicked right-mouse - Properties on the new shortcut and picked the Layout tab, and finally

  • I set the Screen buffer size - Height to the maximum 9999. I also made it wider (150) and fattened up the "Window size" to 150 by 50.

Here's the big fat DOS box in action; I still can't figure out the error message at the bottom of the window, but at least I can see it now (click on it to see full-size):

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