Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Everyone hates Ticketmaster, except...

The November issue of Wired magazine contains this article about startup companies trying to compete with TicketMaster:

Everyone Hates Ticketmaster — But No One Can Take It Down

Spoiler Alert!

Here's the last line, the bottom line:
"... ticketing is not about the fans or the bands. It’s about the venues. And for them, Ticketmaster works."
Why does Ticketmaster work? Because
"... the company’s system is almost supernaturally reliable."
What does that have to do with SQL Anywhere? Well, SQL Anywhere is one of the reasons no one can take down TicketMaster...
"Because the ARCHTICS® ticketing systems are deployed into client sites with small or non-existant IT staffs, Ticketmaster requires a database to power its solution that could be deployed and managed with minimal administration. However, the high demands of the application meant it was not acceptable that this would come at the expense of performance or features." - Ticketmaster SQL Anywhere success story
So, everyone hates TicketMaster, except me :)

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