Friday, November 12, 2010

The fRiDaY File

This was first published on August 20, 2000:

It's going to take a while to get that image out of your head, isn't it?

Some background: PowerPhoto used ASA 7 remote databases, MobiLink and an ASE 12 consolidated database.
No, I didn't work on the project personally, but a colleague did... and when I stumbled upon one of the Fun! Fantasy! kiosks in the wild, I couldn't resist.
The technology worked but... even if PowerPhoto's business model hadn't sucked (it did), the timing certainly did (remember 2000?), and in 2004 The Kiosk Factory acquired PowerPhoto's assets.

After that, it gets murky... The Kiosk Factory may or may not exist today, perhaps (or perhaps not) as Walters Interactive... the website(s) are kinda dead and there ain't no hits in Google News.

It just goes to show... sometimes a bad idea is still bad ten years later... like Breck in a leather bustier :)

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Glenn Paulley said...

Frankly, I'm speechless. You're right, it IS going to take a long time to get that image out of my mind.....