Thursday, March 27, 2008

Capacity Planning

Ivan(Anywhere) isn't just a pretty face, he's on the team that wrote the much-anticipated white paper on capacity planning...

...and you thought you didn't have anything to read this weekend!


Anonymous said...

WOW! That's a "whitepaper"? What if Glenn and Ivan actually decided to do a serious research paper?

They remind me once again how much distance there is between my "expertise" and the real brains behind SQL Anywhere.

My pea brain would just like to know, "Tell me again, HOW many times faster is SQL Anywhere than Oracle?" :-)


Breck Carter said...

Yeah, those dudes are *scary*... and now they're going to be mocked by their fellow scary dudes: "Hey, look, a couple of END USERS think you're smaaa-arrr-t! nyah, nyah!" <bg>

(because that's what we ARE, anybody on the other side of the client interface software is an "end user")

Breck Is Not Worthy :)

Anonymous said...

A SQL Anywhere developer, a whitepaper writer, an actor, a singer, and a robot? What can't that Ivan do?

Marg K said...

Well, he can't plug himself in for recharging overnight at the iAnywhere offices. If the last person leaves without parking him, he can only wander around helplessly "halloooo-ing" for someone to tuck him in!! :D

But I'm pretty sure he can do pretty much anything else anybody can imagine!