Monday, March 31, 2008

Pax Firefox?

I have one client who still uses Netscape 4-point-something. I guess they haven't visited this blog recently 'cause they don't show up in's "browser wars" listing":

57.43%  Firefox 2.0.0
22.57% MSIE 6.0
13.66% MSIE 7.0
2.38% Firefox 3.0b4
1.19% Opera 9.26
0.79% Opera 9.21
0.79% Safari 1.2
0.59% Netscape 7.2
0.40% Konqueror 3.5
0.20% Opera 9.25
At first glance, the Firefox numbers surprised me... more of you are using a Firefox beta than the most popular version of Opera.

At second glance, the fact that 22.57% of you are still using browser-without-tabs is a real shock... that's like TV-without-Tivo, how can anyone live like that?

On the other hand, it might also mean that 22.57% of you are working in shops where IT won't let you use IE7 [rude rhetorical question removed, asking "Do their knuckles hurt dragging on the floor like that?":].

Pax Google!

In the last 5 days, 98.57% of the hits on this blog that came from search engines, came from something called "Google".

All the rest came from "Google Blog Search".

Hmmmm, is there a trend here?


Anonymous said...

Hey, so for fun I hit your blog with my Netscape Communicator 4.75 browser. Yes!, I still have this old thing on my computer - I really only use it for reading the newsgroups, but it is sometimes useful to have it along when I'm testing web pages against various browsers.

So lets see if the hit shows up in your stats?

FWIW: I use the NoScript Firefox plugin, and I block basically everything (including StatsCounter) unless I need to allow something to run in order for something on the page to show up or work correctly. So your stats may not be 100% correct?

Breck Carter said...

Ooooo, Netscape, all the cool kids used that in back in the day! (and all the dorks used AOL :)

Your blocker thingie seems to be working, you didn't show up in the stats.

Maybe everyone in the PRC is using the same kinda thing? hmmm...

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