Saturday, March 29, 2008

Follow Those Links

Here's the deal: I promise to try harder when picking links to put in these blog entries.

That means no more links to Wikipedia, at least not just a link for the sake of including a link. If you want to look up the definition of something, you can use yourself, or, or (I love that last one!)

In return, I want you to check out the links I do put in. I promise to try to make them highly relevant, and/or highly interesting, and/or just highly hilarious.

Yes, all of that: I promise to try.

Oh, and one more thing... Yes, all the links do open up the new page in a new window. If you're not using Firefox or IE7, and you don't have them set up to "open new pages in a new tab" instead of a whole new window, you might not be happy.

No apologies for that one. It's the motto of customer service professionals everywhere: "We're not happy until you're not happy!" <g>

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