Friday, October 14, 2011

Latest SQL Anywhere EBF: The Fuji EBF!

The three asterisks "***" show what's new since September 21. Only EBFs for the three fully-supported versions of SQL Anywhere are shown here: 10.0.1, 11.0.1 and 12.0.1.

Current builds for the active platforms...

Linux x86/x64 EBF ***             12 Oct 2011 ***
        EBF                 29 Jul 2011
        EBF                 17 Jun 2011

Mac OS  EBF                 26 May 2011
        EBF                 29 Jun 2010
        EBF                 01 Oct 2010

Windows x86/x64 EBF ***             12 Oct 2011 ***
        EBF ***             04 Oct 2011 ***
        EBF                 17 Jun 2011
[Download EBFs here] [Register for the Fuji Beta here]

...and for the other platforms:

HP-UX Itanium EBF                 24 Aug 2011    
        EBF                 14 Oct 2008

HP-UX PA-RISC EBF                 16 Oct 2008

IBM AIX          12.0.1 GA Upgrade from 12.0.0   15 Mar 2011
        EBF                 26 Jul 2011

Linux Itanium EBF                 14 Oct 2008

NetWare EBF                 10 Mar 2010

Solaris SPARC    12.0.1 GA Upgrade from 12.0.0   15 Mar 2011
        EBF                 07 Jul 2011
        EBF                 17 Jun 2011

Solaris x64 EBF                 05 Aug 2011
        EBF                 01 Apr 2009

Windows CE EBF                 09 Mar 2010

Windows Itanium  10.0.1 GA Upgrade from 10.0.0   26 Apr 2007
[Download EBFs here]


Anonymous said...

I do not use those but lists more active platform for 12.0.1, including Solaris and AIX...

Your current list would imply those are not supported anymore with 12.0.1 - or is it meant to be read as "commonly used platforms"?


Breck Carter said...

The division between "active platform" and "other platforms" is entirely subjective, and it is my opinion only. Having said that, it's hard to justify calling Solaris and AIX "active platforms" when there has not been a single EBF issued since 12.0.1 when GA.
The other reason for the division is to make it easier for the majority of readers to find their platforms in the list.

To answer your question... yes, division does imply that support for Solaris and AIX is more theoretical than real. Again, that's my opinion only.

Breck Carter said...

more... if Fuji is supported on one of the "other platforms" then for sure it will be elevated to "active"... but don't hold your breath for that :)

Anonymous said...

OK, I do appreciate your opinion - and I agree with your distinction between "theoretically and really supported" platforms.

My original comment is just based on the fact that your blog somewhat serves as "THE SQL Anywhere blog":

Though I guess all your readers appreciate your clear and personal voice (which disagrees often enough with the company's point of view, methinks...), we partly do take this blog as a channel for "pre-official announcements", just as the official channels are sometimes lots slower...

Please just keep on blogging that way:)

Volker Keeps On Reading:)

Breck Carter said...

FYI this blog is NOT a channel for pre-official announcements (a.k.a. "leaks")... sometimes I hear about stuff ahead of time but it is ALWAYS governed by a non-disclosure agreement. This used to be a source of frustration but... the secret to True Happiness is to Lower One's Expectations :)

If you see something on this blog that appears to be a "leak", it's just something that was well-hidden in public... SQL Anywhere is a stealth product, after all :)