Friday, October 28, 2011


A "To Do" list is a frightening thing because it's always growing in size, never shrinking, and always changing shape as priorities shift.

For example, consider what happens to this stub-of-a-list when the forecast starts calling for rain:

  1. Mow lawn.

  2. Fix roof.

  3. Buy milk.

  4. Figure out Fuji.
Or, when you pour the last of the milk on your cereal: priorities change, and so does the To Do list.

So... what would it take to move "Figure out Fuji" further up on the list?

Maybe this...

"All of the computing resources that make up Fuji are constantly monitoring their own performance, and using web services to communicate that to all the other computing resources."
from Is Fuji Really a Cloud? by Eric Farrar

Is that unique to Fuji, or is it built in to the SQL Anywhere database server, or is it a moot point?

And what does "constantly monitoring their own performance" actually mean?

Like the title says: Intriguing.

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