Friday, September 16, 2011

"Fuji" is the SQL Anywhere OnDemand Edition

Fuji might not be "just for Independent Software Vendors" like the promotional material seems to suggest... if it works for ISVs, it will work for anyone with a sackload of separate SQL Anywhere databases to administer.

...but no, it's got nothing to do with replication or synchronization... there are other reasons that folks create separate databases, and by its very nature SQL Anywhere makes it easy to do that (create separate databases).

...and so, it seems natural to build a Fuji on top of that ability.

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Eric Farrar said...

You are absolutely right. Fuji is for more than just ISVs. As you put it, perhaps the most succinct description would be that is for anyone "with a sackload of separate SQL Anywhere databases to administer". However, that message is harder to go to market with :)

You are very correct that there are lots of reasons why people create separate databases, and Fuji would be useful for them as well.

As for the MP3 podcast, you are right it is kinda faint. I will do a re-recording with better audio equipment and repost. Thanks for the feedback.

- Eric