Friday, September 9, 2011

The fRiDaY File - Impostor Syndrome

Verbatim chat whilst preparing for a meeting of the SQL Anywhere Customer Advisory Board...

Why do you call it WATCOM SQL instead of SQL Anywhere?

WATCOM SQL is one of the two dialects of SQL supported by SQL Anywhere. The other is TRANSACT SQL.

Your audience will understand :)

OK. :)

Yes well my huge fear is that someone won't and will ask me and I will mumble and stumble and go all red in the face and Dave Neudoerffer and Mike Paola will jump up and scream "Impostor!" in front of everybody and everybody else will join in and I will be totally disgraced forever and won't even be able to get a job as a meter maid and will die a lonely death hiding in poverty living in a lean-to in the Don Valley with two rotted teeth left in my head and 17 cats.

But not today.....


Anonymous said...

Two things. First, your blog has been fantastic lately. Second, I think I can take credit for applying the name "Watcom SQL" to the non-Transact-SQL dialect supported by SQL Anywhere. Looking back, it was probably a mistake, but hey.

Anonymous said...

Tom, IMHO that was the right decision. Calling it "SQL Anywhere dialect" in contrast to "Watcom SQL" would have been more irritating, methinks. And it might have been necessary to rename it for version 6-9:)

Besides that, it fits so well with that Watcom slogan "...the way it should be done".