Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Top 10 Colossal Cloud Outages

It's been a while since anything's been marked "Database Deadpool" in this blog, and I thought it might be time to retire the tag... until stumbling on this slideshow:

The 10 worst cloud outages (and what we can learn from them)
It raises this question, "If these guys can have this kind of problem, what about me?"

What Guys?

These guys...
  1. Amazon (AWS)

  2. Microsoft (Sidekick)

  3. Google (Gmail)

  4. Microsoft (Hotmail)

  5. Intuit

  6. Microsoft (BPOS)


  8. Terremark

  9. PayPal

  10. Rackspace about them here.

When was the last time YOU tested recovery?

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