Friday, August 19, 2011

From Idea to iPhone in Seven Days

Maybe there is something to this UltraLite thing after all...

From UK hospitals find cure for test data delivery via mobile BI by Brian McKenna, 8 Aug 2011:

Ecommnet developed the iPhone-based application in seven days, in time for a health care trade conference earlier this year.

“We take a complex understanding of a back-end database [in this case Oracle]. We can see what the core bits of data really are and translate that to something that will work on a mobile device, with a small screen,” he said. In this case one goal was “to present the information sensibly to clinicians. It had to work simply for the consultants, so we had to think like them.”

Campbell knew users wouldn't have constant connectivity as the data was moved between the PAS back-end Oracle database and the iPhones. That meant the system needed a reliable store and forward capability.

Sybase's SQL Anywhere’s provided a rapid store and forward database and data synchronization platform.

"By using SQL Anywhere, we were able to delegate the issue of data transmission between the mobile device and the back-end database to Sybase technology, instead of having to spend a lot of time that we really didn’t have to get that communication working," Campbell said, in a Sybase case study article.


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