Monday, February 28, 2011

SQLAnywhere Forum Is Here! (in Beta)

SQLA is a question-and-answer website devoted to SQL Anywhere and other products that come in the box with SQL Anywhere (MobiLink, UltraLite, etc.) Version 1 of SQLA has been around for a while, and now Version 2 is available for Beta testing: It's a whole new website, with a new name, new URL, and a familiar-but-slightly-different look and feel:
Here's the official announcement:
SQL Anywhere Web Forum Now in Beta!
Here's another announcement; this one includes instructions for reclaiming your user id on the new site:
The new SQL Anywhere Forum Q&A site (aka SQLA 2.0) BETA now available

Danger Will Robinson!

All updates made on the BETA site will be thrown away prior to the new site going live.

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Pranitha said...

Hi ,

I have a question with respect to service creation ( am doing it programmatically using dbsvc utility)
once the service is created where would the service be stored in Windows.