Monday, February 7, 2011

What's New in Foxhound 1.1

Version 1.1 of Foxhound for SQL Anywhere has just been released; here's what's new...

SQL Anywhere 12 Support - Foxhound now supports SQL Anywhere Version 12 target databases, in addition to versions 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

Better Performance, Lower Overhead - The Foxhound Monitor now runs faster and uses fewer resources.

  • This screenshot shows an idle target database with 1,005 connections that aren't doing anything. Prior to being shut down at 9.08 AM, the previous version of Foxhound was taking over 2 minutes to record each sample, and the target database server was using over 2% CPU to satisfy Foxhound's requests for information about those connections.

    By 9:17 AM the new version of Foxhound was up and running. Now Foxhound was able to record a sample in 5 seconds or less, bringing the interval between samples closer to the standard 10 seconds. Also, the CPU load on the target database is lower.
100 Targets - You can now monitor up to 100 different target databases using a single copy of the Extended edition of Foxhound.Faster Upgrade - Foxhound now takes less time and uses less disk space when re-installing or upgrading.

Faster, Better Purge - The Foxhound purge process has been completely rewritten to be faster and more effective at dealing with giant Foxhound databases.
  • The new Purge uninteresting connection data setting specifies how soon uninteresting connection-level Monitor sample data will be deleted.

  • The new Purge speed setting specifies how aggressively the purge process will pursue its goal of deleting old data.

  • The new Purge Run report shows how well the purge settings are working.

  • Also, the "after 1 day / week / ..." calculations are based on the most recent successful sample, not the current timestamp, so you don't lose the most recent significant data just because sampling has been turned off for a while.
Better Diagnostics - It's now easier to diagnose problems which occur when starting and running Foxhound.

Ad-hoc Queries - The Export Samples feature has been replaced with the ability to perform ad-hoc queries against the Foxhound database via dbisql and other client software.

Better Docs - The Frequently Asked Questions now have different "alias" questions pointing to the same answers, to make the answers easier to find.

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