Monday, December 28, 2009

The beta is awesome! (2)

It's a big step for Foxhound when a new version of SQL Anywhere is released.

First, Foxhound has compile on Version 12, then it has to run properly against target databases created with versions 5.5 through 11.

What is Foxhound? It's a database monitor and schema display utility for SQL Anywhere databases, currently in development with its own beta planned for 2010.
Foxhound also has to recognize target databases created with version 12, and then it has to work properly with those target databases... it's one thing to get Foxhound to stop rejecting "12" as a database version number, quite another matter to get Foxhound to handle version 12's enhancements and behavior changes.

But, first things first: Foxhound compiles cleanly on the SQL Anywhere version 12 beta with no code changes, and it passes a simple smoke test.

Woohoo! That's no mean feat... virtually all of Foxhound is written in SQL...
  • 80,000 lines of rather funky Watcom SQL, up from 60,000 lines a year ago,

  • 200 web services, procedures, events and triggers,

  • 340 tables and views with 2600 columns, plus

  • 1,300 lines of C in 9 external procedures.
So, thank you, iAnywhere Solutions, for (a) not shipping broken code and (b) not breaking my code!


Unknown said...

Now we know what you do in your spare time!!

I am STILL amazed you let us use this terrific tool (Foxhound) for free! What a convenience for our development work. Thanks again Breck.


Breck Carter said...

@Bill: You're welcome! The current plans are for one more time-limited beta in 2010, then start charging money for the database monitor side. There will be an evaluation copy available, and when the evaluation period expires the monitor will stop gathering new samples (and, by implication, stop issuing new alerts)... but all the rest will keep working. That includes the schema display side, which I know you've liked for a long time. You'll also still be able to display old monitor samples (called History) so folks will have access to "their own data" even after Foxhound expires. The price will be "way too high" for most folks, "really cheap" for people who actually need to monitor performance and receive reliable alerts.