Monday, December 7, 2009

Object Relational Mappers: Friend or Foe?

Folks who know me, even just a little, know where I stand on the subject of Object Relational Mappers: Friend or Foe?

For everyone else, here's a hint: ORMs are like this Safety Device for Walking on Icy Pavements...

When you slip on ice, your foot kicks paddle (A), lowering finger (B), snapping turtle (C) extends neck to bite finger, opening ice tongs (D) and dropping pillow (E), thus allowing you to fall on something soft.

Which brings us to this webcast...

...I can't wait to hear what Glenn has to say!

Object Relational Mappers: Friend or Foe?

Join the SQL Anywhere experts for a deep dive discussion on Object Relational Mappers.

Object relational mappers (ORMs) such as LINQ, Hibernate, and ActiveRecord bridge the gap between the relational database world, and the object-oriented world. By abstracting the database into "virtual database objects", they let programmers develop in any language and environment that they like without ever writing a line of SQL. It sounds great, but is the ORMs sweet song actually a siren's call? This talk will put ORMs on trial to help us find the answer.

Presenter: Glenn Paulley, Director of Engineering

Date: Tuesday December 15th
Time: 7am PST / 10am EST / 3pm GMT / 4pm CET
or 11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm GMT / 8pm CET

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