Saturday, February 21, 2009

Time for a Web 2.0 Database Dead Pool?

First it was Ma.gnolia, now it's Reciva: "Could not connect to the database server."

Reciva's Corporate business card is still online, and it sure looks like it's more than just a one-person operation, but who knows these days?

For the record, I first noticed Reciva was down around 10 AM EST on Saturday February 21, 2009, and ranted, er, blogged about it here.

...and it's still down more than two hours later.


Breck Carter said...

...but it's back up now!

Breck Carter said...

...and it's gone again!

Blood pressure dropping!



No pulse!

Again! Clear! ...

Breck Carter said...

...annnd... it's back! :)

Breck Carter said...

...gone again.

This would really be frustrating, if I hadn't already switched to shoutcast :)

Bruce Armstrong said...