Saturday, February 28, 2009

Marketecture vs Tarchitecture

Today's Dilbert introduced me to the term "marketecture"... which I'd never heard before:

Not unexpectedly, the Wikipedia definition presents the wisdom of crowds with its definition of marketecture as complete bullsiht. That rang a bell with me... I've sat through enough incomprehensible product architecture presentations by marketing folks to last a lifetime.

But then... fourth down in my Google search on "marketecture" came this fascinating title: The Difference between Marketecture and Tarchitecture.

Tarchitecture ?!?

You gotta be kidding! That has to be a joke! Maybe even fodder for Center Console (my other blog).

Turns out, no, it makes for very interesting reading. Not so much about marketecture per se, but about why the marketing point of view is so very important to a product's success, just as important as the technical point of view.

I have always said that even though I absolutely do not understand how folks in sales and marketing think or work, I firmly believe that what they do is critically important.

And marketing done badly spells disaster for the product.

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