Monday, June 23, 2008

PBL Peeper

In spite of its name, PBL Peeper (pronounced pibble peeper) is a serious developer's tool, a "best of breed niche product" if there ever was one.

So, if you don't work with PowerBuilder, read no further.

If you do work with PowerBuilder, download the new (free) version of PBL Peeper here.

I haven't tried the new version yet, but I do have 100% confidence in it... not just because I know Terry Voth but because I used two earlier versions on an assigment as "Special Master" to the United States District Court in Miami, in a civil case involving copyright infringment and a personal non-compete contract.

PBL Peeper has many uses. What I used it for was to export and flatten the code for tens of thousands of PowerBuilder objects, from hundreds of versions of two large competing applications, so I could use Compare-It! to view the differences.

The bottom line in the case was this: No copyright infringement, but the non-compete clause was violated from day one, so both parties came away happy... or unhappy, depending on your viewpoint.

And yes, Special Master is a real job title. Kinda like a judge, no light sabres.

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