Friday, June 27, 2008

Keynote Bingo

There are two, two, two ways to play Buzzword Bingo at Techwave...

Method 1: Download Bruce Armstrong's PocketBuilder application here.

Method 2: Copy and paste this list...

24x7x365, actionable, alliance, Asia-focused, building blocks, business intelligence, business model, business transformation, collaborative innovation, consumer influenced, core business, core process, differentiating, driving growth, dynamic business, enterprise, extreme IT, forge, free flow, frontline, geared, global audience, global enterprise, go-to-market, information edge, information reach, information volume, infrastructure, kicking some butt, knowledge-based, landscape, level playing field, leverage investment, leveraging knowledge, market openness, market transparency, mission critical, mobilization, mobilizing, on the cusp, overheating, partnering, partnership, point of action, product portfolio, proof point, re-engineering, remote worker, robust relationship, single point solution, strategic, survived the curve, sweet spot, take the pulse, transform the enterprise, unwire, unwired, vision, visionary, wired edge, world of opportunity

...into this website.

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