Monday, April 9, 2012

More Tales From The Doc Face

Techwave 2010 presentations have now been added to the list at Tales From The Doc Face.

This time only two are marked "not available" because... well... the titles are listed on but the documents aren't there.

The Google Custom Search Engine should eventually pick up the docs that are there, but... it's not perfect: some of the original set listed over a month ago still aren't showing up in searches.


Here's a simple quality test you can try: Run this search string, including the double quotes, through the search field shown above:

"When a browser requests a resource from a web server, it has no expectation on what"

As of this date, it gets no hits.

Now try it on

You'll see that Google does know about Article 318.00 Using SQL Anywhere as a Generic HTTP Web Server, just not via the direct link to Article 318.00 that sits on Tales From The Doc Face.

Oh, well... perhaps the Google Custom Search Engine will get better with time.

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