Friday, April 27, 2012

More New Old Docs: Techwave 2009

Fourteen SQL Anywhere presentations from Techwave 2009 have been added to the list at Tales From The Doc Face.

...well, all 14 presentations have been added to the list but you can't look at 3 of them because they exceed the (who knew?) limit of 2.5M for attachments stored in this question-and-answer on the SQL Anywhere Forum.

Anyway... if someone shows me a better place to store the 3 missing presentations, I will put them there. Since all of these documents belong to Sybase, that "better place" should be somewhere under Sybase control, not some third-party storage service.

What's the point?

The point of all of this is to provide a single Google search mechanism that covers all SQL Anywhere technical documents stored outside the Help.

This is done by
  1. building and maintaining a single HTML page containing links to all the documents, then

  2. providing a Google Custom Search Engine that is based on that single HTML page...

Anybody who wants to
  • can copy and edit the HTML page,

  • create their own Google Custom Search Engine,

  • or (even easier) just ask me for the SQL Anywhere database that contains all the links.

Let's try that again...

The point is to make it easier for folks to find stuff in all those hundreds of fine documents that have been written over the years. The fact that it has been so surprisingly difficult to find all these docs in the first place is offered as proof that such a list (and the accompanying search engine) is needed.

Chances are, this is mostly a one-time effort. Sure, these docs been well hidden but now that they've been dug up and exposed it's unlikely they will be buried again.


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