Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Docs, New Docs

The February and April editions of the "SQL Anywhere INSIDER" magazine have been added to the list at Tales From The Doc Face.

Bad News

I wanted to add the Techwave 2009 presentations to the list at the same time, but it will have to wait until the Stupid Meter drops out of the red zone: Some idiot Someone decided it would be a good idea to gather all fourteen Techwave 2009 SQL Anywhere presentations into a single ZIP file on which means before the presentations can be listed in Tales From The Doc Face and indexed by Google they have to be unzipped and stored as separate files.

Good News

The process of
  • finding a home for the separate presentations and

  • splitting apart the ZIP file and

  • storing the documents has begun here
and will be completed soon... after that, the fourteen presentations will be added to the list at Tales From The Doc Face.

More Good News

The Google Custom Search Engine is getting better at finding stuff; this simple quality test now works: Run this search string, including the double quotes, through the search field shown above:
"When a browser requests a resource from a web server, it has no expectation on what"
Now it finds the article, it didn't used to, I guess it just takes time...

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