Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Foxhound Version 4 Is Coming Later This Summer

Foxhound is a third-party database performance monitor for SAP® SQL Anywhere®.

Foxhound Version 3 has been around for a while, and Version 4 ... will ... may ... should be available later this summer :)

Here's a teeny-tiny excerpt from the full What's New:

  • Foxhound Version 4 will support target databases running on SQL Anywhere 17...

  • ...including SQL Anywhere 17.0.4. Foxhound 4 will also support target databases running on SQL Anywhere versions 5.5 through 16, but so does Foxhound 3 now.

  • Foxhound 4 itself will run on either SQL Anywhere 16 or 17.

  • When Foxhound 4 itself is running on SQL Anywhere 16 it will still handle a target database running on SQL Anywhere 17.

Foxhound 4 Will Be FREE! ( Some Restrictions Apply :)

If you're thinking you need a performance monitor for SQL Anywhere, one that actually works, don't hold back...

From this date forward, if you purchase Foxhound 3, you'll be able to upgrade to Version 4 at no charge as soon as it's available. 1996-04-21

Monday, June 6, 2016

SQL Anywhere 17.0.4 Is Now Available

SQL Anywhere 17.0.4 is a way cool upgrade to SQL Anywhere 17.

The announcement is on the forum here.

The What's New is in DCX here.

The download is located

  • somewhere on (see editor's note)

  • as an EBF called

  • in the file SQLANYW170000P_8-71001031.ZIP

  • with the title SQL Anywhere 17.0 SP0 PL8 Build 2053

  • and the release date 02.06.2016.

Editor's Note: Management apologizes for the sarcastic comment "somewhere on".

Life's too short to keep track of where anything is on the SAP website, let alone keep up with link rot.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Buy SQL Anywhere 17 on Amazon

It's hard to believe, but true: search on "SQL Anywhere Edge" (without the quotes) and you see this:

  • Don't try this outside the US or UK... it won't work in the South Sudan, Yemen, Canada... ha, ha, the Canadian developers of SQL Anywhere aren't allowed to buy a copy :)

  • The original May 25 announcement is here.

  • The screenshot says "Jul 15, 2015" but if drill down to the product descriptions they say "Date first available at May 11, 2016".

  • FWIW the screenshot shows the Vivaldi browser in action... every time I think "That doesn't work in Vivaldi!" it turns out "My mistake, lemme try again!" :)

  • I don't know if the SQL Anywhere Edge prices include an SAP S-user id which is necessary to gain access to EBFs and such-like. I'm guessing "No" because the product description doesn't say "Yes".

  • I don't know if the prices require an extra fee for "support", together with increasingly-shrill dunning emails if you don't pay the second-year renewal. I'm guessing "No" because it's a moot point without an S-user id.

...but hey! It's SQL Anywhere on Amazon, and that's way cool!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Funniest Line From TechEd 2016

"SAP never really admits to the fact that it will sell you one of its cheaper databases assimilated as part of its Sybase acquisition, but it kind of will."
- Adrian Bridgwater, SAP's Platform-Play: Reengineering Programming For The 'New' Economics

If anyone knows what "it kind of will" means, will you let me know?

Yeah, yeah, I know what the words mean... what I want to know is, how exactly does one buy the SQL Anywhere database server these days?

Not from the SAP Store, one doesn't :)

"We're working to correct this"

Let's be optimisic!

The SQL Anywhere server will soon be available on the SAP Store!

Let's not fret about "licensing model"... or "up the chain" :)

Second Funniest Line From TechEd 2016

"Wednesday turned out to be quite a productive day here at TechEd. It started bright and early with the session DMM106 "Introduction to SAP SQL Anywhere". I had no clue SAP SQL Anywhere existed until I saw the TechEd agenda few weeks earlier, so this definitely goes with the "exploration" theme this year. Had an extra cup of coffee and was prepared to sneak out in the middle, but surprisingly Jose Ramos from SAP kept the lively session flow and made the information quite simple to understand even for non-experts like myself. Well done."
- Jelena Perfiljeva, TechEd 2015 - ABAPosaurus meets other animals (Day 3)

It's always funny when someone says "I had no clue SAP SQL Anywhere existed"... or sad... or depressing, depending on your mood.

But... if a PowerBuilder Revival Movement is truly underway, can a SQL Anywhere Revival be far behind? :) 2012-11-23