Friday, April 25, 2008

With This Hammer

This article should be required reading for every single developer, analyst, architect and manager involved in business software projects: The Mythical Business Layer...

"Programmers... often take refuge in an understandable, but disastrous, inclination towards complexity and ingenuity in their work. Forbidden to design anything larger than a program, they respond by making that program intricate enough to challenge their professional skill."

"It was as if its architects were given a perfectly good hammer and gleefully replied, neat! With this hammer, we can build a tool that can pound in nails."

"With simple, consistent code, change analysis is a breeze. A simple trace through the layers of code with a text-search tool will generally reveal exactly what needs to be changed, and where. A solid test plan will identify what changes broke the system and how, and allow developers to respond appropriately.

No, it’s not fun and not challenging. It’s just good software."

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