Sunday, April 20, 2008

Inside Techwave

PowerPoint junkies may be not be fully satisfied by Techwave 2008: Only two keynotes, by Sybase CEO John Chen and chief marketing officer Raj Nathan.

For the rest of us, that's good news. There's nothing wrong with a good show, or two good shows, but that's enough.

Or do you disagree? Did you stay to the end of the third keynote last year? ...didn't think so. I stayed, I had to stay, Raj made me stay, and I was lonely... but you didn't know that, did you, you'd gone to lunch long before it was over :)

In other Techwave news, the agenda, or at least part of the agenda, will be published earlier this year so folks can meet deadlines for getting approval to attend.

Plus the SQL Anywhere folks have been given a free hand in picking presentations for their conference tracks.

All good news, doncha think?

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Anonymous said...

IMO, the problem is that the individual keynotes are wayyy too long, and they do not address the different members of the audience. I attended a conference recently where there were keynotes every morning 8:30-10:15. They were all well attended, and very few people left early. The "key" (pardon the pun) was that each speaker only had about 20 minutes to deliver their message. Aside from the requisite CEO/Sr. management message, there were excellent presentation by well respected members of the related developer community, and of the general technology industry. All of these made for excellent, relevant talks that everyone got something out of, instead of just the press and analysts, who make up a miniscule part of the conference attendance list.
IMO, more attention ought to be given to content for those people who actually padi to be there to learn about and champion the Sybase products.