Saturday, April 19, 2008

Panorama Goes Public

No, it's not Generally Available, it's not that kind of "Goes Public" yet. What just happened is that Sybase has kicked off the official promotion of Panorama, the beta for SQL Anywhere 11.

Here are the Top 4 Release Defining Features, according to the promotion:

  • Enhanced parallel query capabilities – includes parallel sort, parallel index scans and index-only retrieval to make the most of today’s laptop, desktop, and server machines

  • Embedded full-text search - provides a powerful yet compact facility to effectively search the ever increasing amounts of unstructured data in the front lines

  • New data synchronization options - builds on our rich, heterogeneous synchronization platform with the addition of new failover and load balancing options, background synchronization, and support for MySQL

  • .NET and Perl stored procedures – ensures developers can leverage their programming language experience to implement database business logic
Here's the official Sybase press release: Sybase iAnywhere Unveils SQL Anywhere 11 Beta

Here's an article with more detail: Sybase Unveils Feature-Packed Beta of Embedded Database

...and if you don't have it yet, here's how to get the Panorama beta for yourself.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wonder if iAnywhere ever noticed the next biggest and greatest health system being programmed by IBM for Health Canada is called "Panorama".

I won't go into what I know (not a lot) and what I think about it, but let me just say iAnywhere has an excellent reputation that they probably wouldn't want to have confused with that other Panorama.