Saturday, January 25, 2020

Foxhound 5 Smoke Testing Underway

So far, so good . . .

Smoke Test Alert Email Setup.txt
Smoke Test Alerts  1 Database unresponsive.txt
Smoke Test CPU High CPU runaway queries.txt
Smoke Test Foxhound As Service.txt
Smoke Test GUI all the installed shortcuts.txt
Smoke Test HA using HASETUP2-V17.txt
Smoke Test HTTPS for Foxhound on browser.txt
Smoke Test Mini-Backup and Mini-Restore.txt
Smoke Test OFSS on remote HA.txt
Smoke Test Target V5 on V6.txt
Smoke Test Targets V6 through V17.txt
Smoke Test Volume 1 Foxhound x 1 target x 1000 conns.txt

\\\\\ DONE TO HERE -- 2020 01 24 - 5.0.5432a - built at 2020 01 24 09:45 in a SQL Anywhere database created at 2020 01 24 09:45

RC49 Smoke Test Activate Upgrade Foxhound3 4386 2G SANITIZED.txt

RC51 Smoke Test Activate Upgrade Foxhound4 4740 unpatched 12G.txt

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