Monday, October 22, 2018

Let's Be Blunt

SQL Anywhere really does do things the way they should be done. That's why the title of this blog has changed.

Another thing that's changed is the row of page links at the top: "Community" is gone because ( in order to serve you better? :) the "SAP SQL Anywhere Community" has been deleted.

The Forum link is still there. That's where the real community has always been, and remains.

Two SQL Anywhere Help links remain: DCX because that's the only way to see Version 16 and earlier, and the SAP Help Portal because it works fairly well and is a lot faster than DCX.

Plus, there are two Foxhound links: one to the Help where all the "Performance Tips" live, and one to the White Paper that shows off some of the features.

The rest are gone because they were just clutter: use the Portal search instead.

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