Sunday, September 16, 2018

Dogfooding As A Foxhound Hallmark

Developers make the worst salespeople.

If that wasn't true, how is it possible that "Dogfooding" wasn't added to the list of Foxhound Hallmarks until now? That, and "Robustness":

  1. Robustness  The Foxhound Monitor keeps on trying to connect to the target database during an outage. Foxhound also silently handles invalid performance statistics, and it keeps working after it throws an exception, thus meeting the definition of robustness: "The degree to which a system or component can function correctly in the presence of invalid inputs or stressful environmental conditions."

  2. Dogfooding  Foxhound is regularly run against the Foxhound database itself; to test new features, sure, but primarily to look for performance bottlenecks. Foxhound is also the first tool of choice on client performance and tuning assignments; that's how the Foxhound Monitor was created in the first place, on assignment in 2003 as a Blocked Connection Display for a SQL Anywhere 9 database at UNO Money Transfers. The Schema Display feature was created even earlier, in 1998, for an immense Oracle database at Princess Margaret Hospital... which makes 2018 the twentieth anniversary of Foxhound!
The whole list can be found in the updated Foxhound 4 Database Monitor White Paper . . .

. . . which has finally been converted back to HTML from PDF format that other thing :)

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