Monday, October 26, 2015

Funniest Line From TechEd 2016

"SAP never really admits to the fact that it will sell you one of its cheaper databases assimilated as part of its Sybase acquisition, but it kind of will."
- Adrian Bridgwater, SAP's Platform-Play: Reengineering Programming For The 'New' Economics

If anyone knows what "it kind of will" means, will you let me know?

Yeah, yeah, I know what the words mean... what I want to know is, how exactly does one buy the SQL Anywhere database server these days?

Not from the SAP Store, one doesn't :)

"We're working to correct this"

Let's be optimisic!

The SQL Anywhere server will soon be available on the SAP Store!

Let's not fret about "licensing model"... or "up the chain" :)

Second Funniest Line From TechEd 2016

"Wednesday turned out to be quite a productive day here at TechEd. It started bright and early with the session DMM106 "Introduction to SAP SQL Anywhere". I had no clue SAP SQL Anywhere existed until I saw the TechEd agenda few weeks earlier, so this definitely goes with the "exploration" theme this year. Had an extra cup of coffee and was prepared to sneak out in the middle, but surprisingly Jose Ramos from SAP kept the lively session flow and made the information quite simple to understand even for non-experts like myself. Well done."
- Jelena Perfiljeva, TechEd 2015 - ABAPosaurus meets other animals (Day 3)

It's always funny when someone says "I had no clue SAP SQL Anywhere existed"... or sad... or depressing, depending on your mood.

But... if a PowerBuilder Revival Movement is truly underway, can a SQL Anywhere Revival be far behind? :) 2012-11-23


Anonymous said...

Hello, there,
I don't know if it is appropriate to ask here, but it is related to ultralite.
The problem is:
I am going to leverage mobilink, ultralite and xamarin to build a cross platform (android, ios, etc) native application which has offline database access and data synchronization capabilities. However, it seems to me that the ultralite DLL (The C# API) needs to be re-compiled against Xamarin.Android (another targeting platform instead of .NET Framework 4.5.2 for example) to be used. In what way can I request such a re-compilation?

Thanks for reading!

Lei He

Breck Carter said...

@Lie: Post your question on the forum

Unknown said...

Hello, Breck
Thanks for your reply.
I spent some time and made a little progress and post a follow up question on the forum.
Here is the link in case you are interested:

Lei He