Friday, August 29, 2014

Database Workbench adds support for SQL Anywhere 16

Earlier versions of the Database Workbench development environment supported SQL Anywhere versions 10, 11 and 12, and now Database Workbench Version 5 supports SQL Anywhere 16.


OmarF said...

Hi Breck. In your judgment, is this tool worth it for a more casual report writer? Part of my job involves getting the information out of our business system and into lists (and sometimes charts) that I and other managers can use to do our day jobs. I have no development opportunities and no system admin rights.

I use Interactive SQL now to generate queries that end up in Excel spreadsheets. It beats doing the coding directly in Excel (or being limited to the graphical capabilities in MSQuery), but I keep wondering if there is something better yet.

I have downloaded Database Workbench, but see I have a big learning curve ahead of me. I suspect the majority of features are way beyond my report writing needs.

Breck Carter said...

@OmarF: There are many report writers that work with SQL Anywhere, and Database Workbench is not one of them. To use a bad analogy, what you want is a truck, and what you get with Database Workbench is a truck factory... it might be the finest truck factory in all the world but it is (pretty much) useless to you.

Full disclosure: I'm not an expert in trucks OR truck factories... but the report writer I've heard mentioned most often with respect to SQL Anywhere is Crystal Reports. I did not know until this moment it's also a SAP product (since 2007! or 2011 depending on how you measure such things).

Anonymous said...

@Breck: AFAIK some newer versions of Crystal Reports use SQL Anywhere as embedded database for the underlying metadata store...



OmarF said...

Thanks for your comments. I was referring to myself as the report writer, btw.

I tend to be jaded against Crystal Reports as too often, simplistic and ugly spreadsheet output from that program is my data source. I have to get it into my own spreadsheets so I can do useful stuff with it. So I have tended to view Crystal Reports as the middle guy that was in the way of my goals, rather than a solution.

I looked a bit at it just now. Crystal Reports seems like a report factory as well. It seems overwhelming at first glance. What I'm really looking for is a way to more easily create the SQL statements that I can put into other report and dashboard applications. My hands are a bit tied as far as what the final product our users see is, unfortunately.

Interactive SQL definitely has helped me. I just wondered if I can go a step further.