Friday, May 17, 2013

The fRiDaY File - Is it sap or is it ess-a-pee?

Question: How do I pronounce "SAP"? Is it sap or ess-a-pee?

Before you say "that's a pointless question!" consider this endless thread on the subject.

OK, it's still a pointless question

. . . but I'm asking it anyway.

Back on May 10 I thought it was important to say "ess-a-pee" but now I'm not so sure.

Why not?

Because even though the phrase "an SAP" appears 420 times in the 391-page SAP HANA Developer Guide, most (391) of those references appear in the boilerplate phrase " SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved...".

In the same document the phrase "a SAP" appears 25 times, as in "a SAP HANA system" and "adding a SAP Variables clause in your select statement".

That's a score of 25 for sap, versus 30 for ess-a-pee if we count the boilerplate as only one occurrence.

Pretty much a tie, doncha think?

So I'm going with this:

Answer: You pick the pronunciation that sounds right to you, given the context: sometimes sap, sometimes ess-a-pee... or you can use one or the other all the time, your choice.

It's called "English", which in German means "Anarchy". 1995-10-11

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Anonymous said...

in Belgium most people spell it out :-)