Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Product Suggestion: Google-Searchable Docs

Some SQL Anywhere technical documents posted on the website aren't showing up in Google searches, and they should.

The likely reason is that these documents are located in separate PDF blobs deep down in documentation database, so deep the Google indexing process doesn't find them.

Example 1

Mobilizing an Oracle 11g Database
This document dates back to May 2011, and it originally appeared on When you do the following Google search
"must have permission for the GV_$TRANSACTION"
the original copy shows up
Mobilizing an Oracle 11g Database
but not the one on

As time goes on, it is very likely that all technical documentation on will be copied to and deleted from but for now, Google can still find this one.

Example 2

Top 10 Cool New Features In SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16
This exists only on, and as such it is invisible to a Google search like this:
"skipping over one version number per year for three years"


Instead of burying these documents down inside a documentation database that is inaccessible to Google search, they should be stored in a location Google can find... either a simple web page, or a database that Google can index.

For example, the following document is stored as an ordinary "DOC-xxxxx" web page that Google can find:
SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere Supported Platforms and Engineering Support Status
In this case, a Google search works just fine:
"The tables below summarize the platforms supported by SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere"
In fact, the hidden documents ARE represented as simple "DOC-xxxxx" web pages but those pages are stubs; the actual content is buried one level further down (or eight levels further down if you count all the "/" slashes in the urls).

For example, here's the DOC-xxxxx page for the Top 10 article:
Top 10 Cool New Features in SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16
As you can see, the DOC-xxxxx page is just a stub, and the actual content is down inside the hidden page:

What's the point?

It may not be important to have this particular page searchable by Google, but that's not the point.

The point is, it IS important for MOST SQL Anywhere technical documents to be Google-searchable, and the trend favoring stealth over visibility should be reversed.

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