Friday, July 20, 2012

Latest SQL Anywhere EBF: for Mac OS

The three asterisks "***" show which Express Bug Fixes (EBFs) have been released since the previous version of this page.

  • Only EBFs for the latest fully-supported versions of SQL Anywhere are shown here: 11.0.1 and 12.0.1.

  • Just because an older version or different platform isn't "fully supported" any more doesn't mean you can't download files (or ask questions, or get help), it just means there won't be any more new EBFs released.

Current builds for the active platforms...

HP-UX Itanium EBF     15 Jun 2012
       EBF     13 Feb 2012

IBM AIX EBF     15 Jun 2012
       EBF     13 Feb 2012

Linux x86/x64 EBF     13 Jul 2012
       EBF     17 May 2012

Mac OS EBF *** 16 Jul 2012 ***
       EBF     29 Jun 2010

Solaris SPARC EBF     15 Jun 2012
       EBF     14 May 2012

Solaris x64 EBF     15 Jun 2012
       EBF     13 Feb 2012

Windows x86/x64 EBF     03 Jul 2012
       EBF     22 May 2012

Other Stuff...

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