Friday, December 3, 2010

Sometimes It's The Little Things That Count (5)

For the record, yes, it's been a long time since Number 4 in this series was published.

What's missing from the ODBC Administrator - Login tab for SQL Anywhere 12?

Give up?

Have a look at Version 11 and 12 side by side...

NOW you see it, right?

That steenking checkbox is gone, no more "Stop database after last disconnect".

No more steenking "Would you like to leave..." dialog box...

No more "Start database automatically" checkbox either.

What ELSE do you see that's different?

Here's a side by side compare of all the tabs, starting with the first one:

The Version 11 Login and Database tabs have been merged into one: the Version 12 Login tab:

The Network and Advanced tabs look different; stuff's been shuffled around:


Anonymous said...

Breck, knowing you as a person with a clear mind and clear statements, what's the message here? Have "the little things" improved or not between V11 and V12? (Or is this left as an exercize to the reader?)

Volker Is Puzzled

Breck Carter said...

@Volker: Yes, to both. Yes, the removal of the in-your-face checkbox that so often did not apply, AND the removal of the in-your-face warning message that so often did not apply, are both "little things" that are IMO big improvements. And yes, there are other differences, outside the scope of this article ( because I say so :) ...the side-by-side pictures make it easy to see what's changed, but it's up to the reader to decide if the OTHER changes are good or not. I think they are GOOD, but I'm not sure yet... mainly because I haven't figured out how to use the new GUI yet :)

Anonymous said...

@Breck: I guess this is a typical situation where experienced users will find it hard to tell whether all changes seem useful. One is just too used to handle particular features based on long experience, and if something is changed, it will inevitably lead to some surprises.

Therefore, the major question will be if new users find theses dialogs more easy, and I guess they will.

Volker Feels Old Now