Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Final FAQ

As noted in my previous post the new SQLA question-and-answer website devoted to SQL Anywhere is ready for prime time. It's still in beta, yes, but it's ready for more people to use it.

The first step in that direction is now complete: The SQLA FAQ has been updated to reflect everything that's been learned over the first three month's of SQLA's existence.

Here's the Table Of Contents for SQLA's "Final FAQ":

What kind of questions can I ask here?
Do I have to log in to SQLA, or create an account?
Can I ask a stupid question?
Can I post sample code?
What if my English isn't very good?
How do I pick tags?
What is a "prefix"?
Why can’t I ask "subjective questions"?
What if I have more than one question?
What can I put in an answer?
Is it OK to answer my own question?
How should I behave?
How do I carry on a nested/threaded conversation?
Is it OK for vendors to post questions?
Can I talk about the beta?
Can I ask about PowerBuilder?
How come other people can edit my stuff?
How does moderation work?
What are reputation points?
What is a bounty?
How do I get back to the list of "Recent Questions"?
How do I edit a comment?
How do I post images and other files?
Is this site just like StackOverflow, except for being dedicated to SQL Anywhere?
Is SQLA owned by Sybase?
Who pays for SQLA?
When will SQLA go live?
Where is SQLA data stored? Is there a backup?
Why is it called "SQLA" instead of "SQLAnywhere"?
What are the Terms and Conditions for posting on SQLA?
What can I do if I don't like the way SQLA is being run?
What if I get a wrong answer?

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Unknown said...

for dbsrv10/dbsrv11 with -gn option what is the max number that we can set? is there any performance hit by increasing number of concurrent server requests.