Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ranking SQLA

The SQLA question & answer website for SQL Anywhere ranks well down in the list of StackExchange beta sites:

  • 45th in number of questions

  • 45th in number of answers

  • 53rd in number of registered users

  • 47th in number of answers per question
But... SQLA isn't anywhere near the bottom, there are 154 sites in the list.

Some thoughts:
  • Some of those 154 sites are dead... ok, lots of them are dead, but the StackExchange beta software is sure getting a good workout.

  • SQLA hasn't been actively promoted yet. That's partly because everything's still in beta but mostly because there's no end-user backup yet (where "end user" means "site administrator", which is me).

  • The fact that SQLA has essentially the same rank in all 4 categories above means something... not sure what... maybe someone at mathoverflow can answer that.

  • Speaking of mathoverflow, that's where to go for Ego Therapy. If you think you're really smart try answering some of their questions.

  • If your head doesn't explode first, you will come away with shoulders slumped and a humbler view of your place in the universe.

  • Unless you really are smart. In which case please don't stare at me :)

  • Some of the other sites are pretty interesting and a lot less intimidating.
Here's the full list at the end of 2009...

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