Thursday, November 5, 2009

And yet ANOTHER beta (UltraLiteWeb)

If iAnywhere Solutions ever put on a standalone SQL Anywhere Developer Conference (they won't, alas), Eric Farrar would be enough of a "big name draw" to pack the place. Anyone else on the agenda would be icing on the cake.

Let me put it this way: If, after hearing an Eric Farrar presentation, you're not more enthusiastic about your job and about SQL Anywhere, you need medical attention.

Eric Farrar creates cool stuff. Eric Farrar makes SQL Anywhere dance and sing.

(Right about now, his co-workers are probably saying, "Look, Eric, Breck has a man-crush on you!")
Not true. If I was going to have a man-crush on anyone, it would be Brad Pitt.


You don't need to wait for any conference, you can see the latest of Eric's offerings here... UltraLite replacing SQLite in Google Gears... a browser-side SQL Anywhere database, with MobiLink synchronization. Woohoo!

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Unknown said...

IF Chris Pollach can talk Sybase, and others, into coming to Ottawa for a 2-DAY! Sybase Tech Summit (, how come iAnywhere can't host us loyal SQL Anywhere developers in Waterloo???