Monday, October 19, 2009

"Search this blog, plus 5 others..."

The Google Custom Search Engine gadgets on this page have changed:

First of all, the original Search gadget has been changed from "Search this blog, plus Glenn Paulley's" to "Search this blog, plus 5 others": Glenn's plus the other four active SQL Anywhere blogs on Jason Hinsperger, Chris Kleisath, Eric Farrar and Tom Slee.

Second, a new gadget "Search this blog" has been added. This one is an "ego search", just for me, so I can search my old posts.

Third, the additional gadget uses the new Google "Custom Search Element" which displays the result set in an overlay on the same page instead of jumping to a separate search page:

Yeah, that's confusing: "Custom Search Element" sounds so much like "Custom Search Engine"... perhaps Google is taking steps to preserve the earth's rapidly diminishing supply of acronyms.

1 comment:

tom s. said...

"active" is generous in my case. But thanks.