Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Displaying Alerts

My previous post mentioned that the Foxhound Database Monitor displayed alerts and all clear messages "in multiple locations and formats, both separate from and together with other measurements in the main monitor display."

When I wrote that, it wasn't true... yet... but now it is.

Here's the Monitor tab of the Foxhound main menu, showing all the databases being monitored including their recent alert history. In this case, the ddd11 database has never had an alert issued, while the test10_local_on_tsunami database has had 17 different alert conditions at one time or another, out of a possible total of 28, and 14 are still in effect:

That takes care of the "separate" display of alerts and all clear messages mentioned above.

To see alerts in the context of other measurements, you can scroll the Monitor History page to find them... or just click on one of the links on the Monitor menu tab, in this case the 1m 58.5s ago: link on the ALL CLEAR for Alert #3.

That causes the following History page to open, scrolled to the very moment the ALL CLEAR was issued:

In this case there is some "on/off" oscillation of Alert #3, caused by the extremely aggressive alert criteria used (1 second for 1 sample). Aggressive criteria are fine for testing the alerts process itself, but aren't much use in real life.

But that's not the point here... the point is that takes care of the promise to display alerts "together with other measurements".

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